Complementary Phone Call 

10 Minutes

Unsure if a consultation is for you? 

Discuss your health priorities and discover the benefits of seeing a holistic health practitioner before making the decision to book your initial consultation. 


No cost


Acute Immune Support

20 Minutes 

From the comfort of your own home, using FaceTime or Zoom Meetings, learn how specific dietary choices and nutritional supplementation can support and nourish your immune system.


Initial Consultation

90 Minutes

The goal of your first consultation is to help understand all aspects of your life that contribute to your current state of health. 

Pick from seeing Leah

In Clinic or Online

Each initial consultation will incorporate

Main health priorities and concerns including

but not limited to 

Cardiovascular and circulatory system,

Detoxification pathways,

Gastrointestinal tract,

Endocrine system,

Skin and Integumentary structures,

Immune system,

Lymphatic pathways,

Respiratory system,

Female and Male reproduction and hormones,

Neurological and Nervous system,

Musculoskeletal system​

Past and current environmental and lifestyle factors, including occupation, exercise, sleep, stress, social support and hobbies or interests. 

​Personal medical history and family medical history

​Past and current dietary habits 

Standard or functional testing*

Co-management with other health professionals*

Dietary treatment goals

Lifestyle treatment goals

Nutraceutical prescriptions*


*depending on case.


To book, follow the steps bellow.

Return Consultation

60 Minutes

Return consultations are based on individual needs and are to develop health treatments, continue education and strengthen healthful habits.  


Pick from seeing Leah

In Clinic or Online

Follow-up consultations will incorporate

Deeper investigation into any areas that are of priority for practitioner and patient.

Further testing results* are discussed and used refine treatments

Co-management with other health professionals*

Dietary and lifestyle education

​Dietary treatment goals

Disease prevention strategies

​Lifestyle treatment goals

​Nutraceutical prescriptions*


​*depending on case.


To book, follow the steps bellow.

Before booking, please read the cancellation and rescheduling policies. 

By booking online, you agree to these terms and conditions. 


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